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Fitness Programs designed and adapted for your life.

What are ATS Programs

ATS (Adaptable Training Sytems) is a series of phased approach programs that are designed to develop progressional transformation for any person. This approach is based on a systematic way of training. ATS programs start with basic fundamental movement patterns and later progress to advanced training protocols and techniques.

ATS programs are completely flexible and adaptable to any lifestyle whether you are on the go, a busy mom, a novice lifter, or an avid gym-goer. Each program gives you the ability to move in a non-linear fashion based on your level of fitness. With ATS programming, you can look forward to increased energy,  greater strength, and decreased fat mass all in a fraction of the time and cost of other overpriced programs. 

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Get a chance ABSOLUTELY FREE to experience a sample size of how ATS fitness programming can help you accomplish your goals. Whether you are looking to tone up, lose weight, build muscle, or just get healthier, we have the program for you.

improve your nutrition

Your training plan is only one part of the equation when it comes to managing proper weight loss. There are often many behavior patterns we form that impact the way we think, how we feel, how we live, and why we act the way we act. Learning to develop greater awareness around behaviors can help with the knowledge, skills, and consistency needed to impact weight-loss changes. When we put all this into practice, it comes down to creating healthy habits. The ones that do not require cutting carbs, counting calories, or any of the other popular fad diets that are in one moment and out the next.


EliteATS nutrition coaching works within your lifestyle to create doable and sustainable goals for a lifetime of change.  

Schedule your free Nutrition consult 

If you are looking for help to understand how your lifestyle influences your food habits, behaviors, and how your environment plays a role in this – then take advantage of this opportunity to get a free 30-minute discovery session.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is EliteATS and what do they do?
    EliteATS (Adaptable Training Sytems) is a series of phased approach programs that are designed to develop progressional transformation for any person. We also offer nutrition coaching and help with physique competition preparation.
  • How long is a free consultation session?
    Both of the free fitness and nutrition consultation sessions are 30-minutes long.
  • How do I know which ATS program is right for me?
    All of our programs are designed based on your individual goals and needs. Which one will be right for you can vary. We recommend taking advantage of our free consult session to find out which ATS program will be the right for you. You can find this on the top of the homepage.
  • Is the 30-day trial training program hard?
    There are two options for the 30-day trial program. Both training programs are based on your level of fitness. We determine which option will be best for you based on the answers you provide in your request form.

Real results that matter



I used to weigh 234 lbs. I remember seeing pictures of myself thinking, oh I am fat. I tried everything in the book. I ate a salad every day for lunch, I would run miles and miles, I even tried p90X. All of it was one failure after another. After working with Damien for roughly 9 months, I lost over 70 lbs controlling my eating habits and working out daily. If you were to ask me I would 100% recommend him. 

Ryan G. 

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