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EliteATS is a collection of online training programs, nutrition coaching help, and contest preparation for competitive physique athletes. We exist to help you be healthy and live healthy.


Before EliteATS was founded, we got our start helping a few friends that were apart of the local bodybuilder, bikini, and physique shows in the Minnesota region.  Over the years as our athletes started placing higher and winning shows, the repetition of EliteATS (formerly EliteAlpha Fitness) started to grow. Today, we work with many different types of people seeking to be healthier and live healthier. Over the years, our scope of services has grown to include online fitness program design, individual personalized nutrition coaching, and contest competition preparation. As we continue to grow and develop our product offerings, we will continue to stay committed to serve the health and wellness of our community. 

Damien Brown

Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach

Damien was born in the golden state of California. As a young kid, he moved across the country to Washington D.C. During this time, he grew up with his brother and was primarily raised by this mother. Damien's love for health and wellness began when his father would come and take him to the gym. Damien grew up idolizing people like Arnold Schwarzenegger and the training that was involved to build a physique of aesthetic appeal. At a young age, he saw the mastery and artistry in weight training and the benefits of it. 


Damien later took his passion and turned it into a career to help others live a life of complete health and wellness. With over 10 years of fitness experience, Damien continues to do just that with the founding of ELiteATS LLC. Today, the product offerings and helping people live healthier lives continue to be the driving force behind EliteATS.


  • NASM Certified PT Specialized

  • Precision Nutrition Coach Level 1

Our Mission 

EliteATS was founded on the simple idea that we can all live a life full of fulfillment to be healthier and live healthier. We exist to bring educational awareness to our communities to help people realize the positive benefits of change through fitness, health, and wellness. It's this guiding principle that has allowed us to become a resource for the public and the fitness industry. As we continue to evolve in an industry that is forever changing, we will continue to provide exceptional online fitness programs and services to all of our viewers and users. 

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