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Learn how your relationship with food impacts many aspects of your life, and how you can change your eating habits for good. 

Nourish your success 

Develop the life skills that you need to make a difference in your nutrition. You'll learn that keeping the weight off for good involves more than just a diet plan but a life plan that is sustainable, and one that works for you. Are you ready for a healthier you? 

Nutrition Coaching



ongoing plan


WHAT'S Included

habit and Behavior change


Learn to develop healthier habits and behaviors that can reshape your outlook.


based goal setting support

Discover how focusing on your desired outcomes can help you set goals for your success.

Personal accountability support

Get the professional accountability support that you need to say on track.

Personalized Nutrient plan recommendations

Receive support on learning the types of foods that are going to be right for you.

weekly Video conferencing Check-ins

Receive face-to-face video conference check-ins to give you the support you need.

proven weight-loss strategies and techniques

Learn proven strategies that are designed to help keep the weight off while enjoying the food in your life.

How it's coached



Assess & Observe

In the step, we assess and gather data to identify your goals. This can include, health needs, body composition measurements physiological indicators, physical capability, environment and lifestyle factors and more.  



Build understanding

Next, we begin to "build your story". We want to understand your values, priorities motivations, goals, and perspectives. We want to know what matters to you and how ready, willing, and able you are to make changes.



Plan & strategize

From here we'll look to create an action plan and possible next steps. We'll begin to map out a course of action that works towards your goals. Next, we'll break this into smaller steps that you could potentially do immediately. 



Take action

Lastly, we'll choose one next action step to test. We want to make sure the action step is meaningful to you and just not a random thing. We ensure you understand what the task involves and you feel confident doing it.

After my third kid, I struggled to lose my post-pregnancy weight. It wasn't until I started working with EliteATS on my nutrition did I realize that some of the foods I was choosing were affecting my efforts.  With a few lifestyle change, I was able to change my outlook about my situation and lose the pregnancy weight!  

Samantha R. 

Frequently asked questions

  • What is EliteATS and what do they do?
    EliteATS (Adaptable Training Sytems) is a series of phased approach programs that are designed to develop progressional transformation for any person. We also offer nutrition coaching and help with physique competition preparation.
  • How long is a free consultation session?
    Both of the free fitness and nutrition consultation sessions are 30-minutes long.
  • How do I know which ATS program is right for me?
    All of our programs are designed based on your individual goals and needs. Which one will be right for you can vary. We recommend taking advantage of our free consult session to find out which ATS program will be the right for you. You can find this on the top of the homepage.
  • Is the 30-day trial training program hard?
    There are two options for the 30-day trial program. Both training programs are based on your level of fitness. We determine which option will be best for you based on the answers you provide in your request form.
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