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Taking conditioning and stage-ready physiques to the next level for elite performance.

How we do Contest prep

EliteATS takes great pride in bringing each competitor into the best possible competition condition. In order to do so, we take into consideration several factors that include lifestyle, behavioral patterns, environmental stressors, nutrient partitioning, genetic potential, athlete mental profiling, and more. We do this by creating an environment where you can excel during your contest prep. We know that every competitor's needs are different based on many factors.  This is why we develop customized nutrient goals that work for your body's individual metabolic needs to optimize fat loss while retaining muscle retention.      

PAckage plans

EliteATS offers 3 monthly plan packages designed to help you come in the best stage condition.      

Contest Prep Plan 1




ongoing plan

Contest Prep Plan 2



every month

for 3 months

Contest Prep Plan 3



Every month

for 6 months

All plan Packages include:

Customized macronutrient plan

No cookie-cutter plans here. Each one of our macronutrient plans are customized and tailored to your specific needs.

Weekly Recommended Cardio Training 

As part of your customized competition prep, cardio is tailored to your individual cardiovascular needs.

Recommended list of food groups

We make sure that you are consuming the correct amounts of foods to optimize your performance in and out of the gym.

Personal Support via weekly check-ins

Receive personal individualized support via weekly check-ins designed to keep you on track and accountable.

Text, video and phone call support

Get 24-hour communication support via phone calls, text messages and video chat.



Damien has taken me to a whole new level. Since I started training with Damien I have become more nutritionally aware, my muscular gain has surpassed what I had accomplished with other coaches, and I have more self-love and acceptance of my body on stage and off stage. Damien is always there for me.  All in all, Damien is empathetic, understanding, professional, caring, and very patient.

Milissa W. 

Don't just take our word

Athletes Showcase

Our athletes are always prepared to bring there best to the stage. EliteATS works tirelessly to bring you in top condition and to be stage ready. Our results speak for themselves. See some of the athletes that we have worked with.   

  • What is EliteATS and what do they do?
    EliteATS (Adaptable Training Sytems) is a series of phased approach programs that are designed to develop progressional transformation for any person. We also offer nutrition coaching and help with physique competition preparation.
  • How long is a free consultation session?
    Both of the free fitness and nutrition consultation sessions are 30-minutes long.
  • How do I know which ATS program is right for me?
    All of our programs are designed based on your individual goals and needs. Which one will be right for you can vary. We recommend taking advantage of our free consult session to find out which ATS program will be the right for you. You can find this on the top of the homepage.
  • Is the 30-day trial training program hard?
    There are two options for the 30-day trial program. Both training programs are based on your level of fitness. We determine which option will be best for you based on the answers you provide in your request form.

Frequently asked questions

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