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2-month phased approach program.

Get it for $69

(only $35 per month)

What you get with ATS toned

ATS Toned is our circuit based program designed to tone and condition your body for a healthy and fit look. This online training program combines weight training with repetitive dynamic movements for a heart pumping workout. This is an 8-week program (from start to finish) that is broken down into 2 monthly phases. ATS Toned requires 3 days of gym/club training per week. As you will progress month-to-month, we keep it fun and entertaining by changing intensity, duration, and tempo. 

Phased programming 

Systemmatic workouts that are designed to phase you through each program.


Step-by-step videos that walk you through each movement with propose.


money-back guarantee

If you are not satisfied, no worries–get your money back. No questions asked.

ATS Toned

program overview

Here is a snapshot of what you need to know about this online fitness training program. 

Note: The level of the program may vary based on your fitness level.


8 weeks

Workout cycle

per week

3 Workouts / 2 Rest Days

Fitness Level


equipment Needed

Full Gym


Body Composition

Where to I begin, from the moment you start you feel like you won't stop. It's a calorie bunning, heart-pumping workout program that keeps you moving. I absolutely love it!

Rachel p.

get fit while improving your health

ATS Toned is designed to keep your body moving while helping reduce body fat. 

learn to increase your aerobic output

You will be challenged by reaching new thresholds to improve your conditioning.

burn the calories away to reshape body

If you are ready to sweat and looking for a high-energy program, ATS Toned is for you.

Why Would you need ATs Toned

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