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2-month phased approach program.

Get it for $49

(only $24.50 per month)

What you get with ATS Core

ATS Core is our abdominal online training program that is designed to strengthen and condition your entire mid-section. ATS Core is an 8-week program (from start to finish) that is phased into 2-month mesocycle blocks. This program requires up to 3 days of gym/club training per week. Each month you will gradually progress to different core movements that will build upon the previous month to help you continue to experience progressional changes. This is a great program that pairs well with other ATS online fitness training programs. 

Phased programming 

Systematic workouts that are designed to phase you through each program.


Step-by-step videos that walk you through each movement with propose.


money-back guarantee

If you are not satisfied, no worries–get your money back. No questions asked.

ATS Core

program overview

Here is a snapshot of what you need to know about this online fitness training program. 

Note: The level of the program may vary based on your fitness level.


8 weeks

Workout cycle

per week

2-3 Workouts / 1-2 Rest Day

Fitness Level


equipment Needed

Resistant Bands, Swiss Ball, Dumbbells, BOSU Dome, Bench



"ATS Core as really helped me improve my quality of life. I'm no longing experiencing lower back pain and my midsection feels tighter!"

Carl A.

Improving Core stability

Strength your core from all directions to develop rock-solid stability.



Experience better core posture by activating muscular imbalances.  

increased core mobility

Increase your core's range of motion by increasing thoracic extension and flexion

Why Would you need ATs Core

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